When Wise Guy arrived at my farm in 2017 as a boarding horse, there were no instant connections or magical moments. Instead, our interactions were fraught with frustration. His troubled behavior, rooted in dashed dreams and escalating aggression, stemmed from a past intended for Olympic greatness in dressage, purchased for a significant sum in Europe.

Despite his incredible talent initially showcased under the world’s best trainers, an underlying turmoil led to concerning aggressive tendencies that labeled him as potentially dangerous.

My first ride with Wise Guy was far from smooth, yet amidst the chaos, a unique bond formed between us. This inexplicable connection caught the attention of his previous owner and trainer, resulting in an unexpected turn of events. Taking on the challenge, I embarked on a journey with Wise Guy, unsure of where it would lead.

Despite efforts from top professionals, his issues persisted until a veterinarian, Dr. David Da Silva, offered a glimmer of hope. Focusing on Wise Guy’s physical comfort was a start, but the real breakthrough came with the introduction of HempMy Pet™ CBD oil for Horses. Within days, the remarkable transformation in Wise Guy was evident, as his anxiety reduced significantly, fostering smoother rides and a newfound bond between us.

The ultimate test arrived at a horse show, a setting where Wise Guy had struggled in the past. Empowered by HempMy Pet™, he entered the ring exuding calmness and composure, a remarkable sight.

Equine CBD Oil for horses bottle and box


This newfound transformation was not about sedation but about unveiling a better version of himself. It fueled our aspirations, leading us to gear up for competitions this summer and aiming to return to theGlobal Horse Show as active participants, not mere spectators.


HempMy Pet™ afforded Wise Guy the chance to reclaim his destiny. Now settled at Bocoy Stables, he has found a forever home, and together, we’re prepared to conquer new milestones.

Explore HempMy Pet™ and witness the transformative power that it brought to Wise Guy’s life. Join us in embracing remarkable changes for your equine companion.


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