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HempMy Pet™ supports the work of rescues, shelters, and other animal welfare charities working to better the lives of pets, their families, and this planet we all share. Helping animals has always been our primary focus and it gives us great joy to partner with and support those helping the pets who often need it the most. Health and Wellness comes in many forms and together we strive to make a positive difference.

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Connie DeBruyn

I started Jill on the 250mg tincture oil, ½ ml every day when she was just about to turn 11 in August of 2018. Jill is a high drive little Labrador and can be quite insistent on playing “retrieve”. Before we started with the CBD oil, she would show signs of stiffness in the evening as well as in the morning after we played just a bit too much.

I certainly didn’t like seeing her in discomfort and obviously, the best thing would be to not play so long, but I’d find myself throwing the ball without even realizing she had conned me into it. 😊
My friend, Brenda Halverson there in Colorado had posted about HempMy Pet and that she had visited your facility. She was obviously comfortable/impressed with what she saw and heard. That convinced me to give HempMy Pet a shot as I was trying to avoid prescription pain relievers. Much to my surprise and delight after only a couple of days I noticed a remarkable change. Jill showed no signs of stiffness after she had rested from a play session or when rising in the morning.

Jill is now 12 and gets the tincture oil every day and she still hops up from her bed in the morning ready to take on the day. I truly believe she is getting to enjoy her life (retrieving & playing) a little longer due to the HempMy Pet product. I know eventually the arthritis will slow her down but for now she is one happy and active pup.

Thank you,
Connie DeBruyn & Jill