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Which Product Should You Buy?

When shopping the HempMy Pet™ website all the products you see are made with the exact same full spectrum CBD oil  (all the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) hemp extract, grown organically here on our farms and produced by us seed-to-sale. We have Hemp Dog Treats, CBD for horses and large dogs which is CBD infused into certified organic olive oil and CBD and hemp oil for dogs infused into certified organic hempseed oil. The CBD for dogs and horses oils have only two ingredients – the carrier oil and the CBD hemp extract.

Infused Oils. For our oils we offer three choices, all of which are infused with the same hemp extract:

  • Hemp Seed Oil – a wonderfully nutritious carrier oil + the hemp extract in 250 mg and 1,000 mg concentrations. (This is the most common and popular type, often referred to as a ‘Tincture’.)
  • Coconut Oil – a tasty and healthy carrier oil + the hemp extract in 100 mg and 500 mg concentrations. (Also great for topical use like rubbing in a cat’s ears for absorption.)
  • Olive Oil – organic and virgin carrier oil in a large 4 oz. bottle + hemp extract in a 5,000 mg concentration. (‘Barn-friendly’ for use with horses and great for households with large or multiple dogs.)

Biscuits. Only natural and organic ingredients. Crunchy but not hard. The Small Biscuits deliver 2 mg per biscuit. The Large Biscuits deliver 5 mg per biscuit.

What About the Concentration?

The label of each product is specific to the about of total CBD in it. Since everything has the same hemp extract, generally speaking, the lower concentrations are most often used by smaller pets or those taking lower doses. Larger pets or those taking higher doses select the higher concentrations to lower the overall volume of oil used as well as save on the cost. The Serving Size guidelines are below.

So Many Benefits and Uses!

Benefits of hemp oil for your pet

How to Use

Start with the suggested dosage (see below) and slowly acclimate during first week of use. If desired results are not achieved, slowly increase dosage.

How to Use HempMy Pet CBD oil for dogs
Pets Weight in lbs.Supplemental 1-2 mg/10 lb.Therapeutic 2-3 mg/10 lb.
1-10 lbs.1-2 mg2-3 mg
11-20 lbs.2-4 mg4-6 mg
21-30 lbs.4-6 mg6-9 mg
31-40 lbs.5-8 mg8-12 mg
41-50 lbs.6-10 mg10-15 mg
51-60 lbs.7-12 mg12-18 mg
61-70 lbs.9-14 mg14-21 mg
71-80 lbs.11-16 mg16-24 mg
81-90 lbs.12-17 mg18-27 mg
91-100 lbs.14-20 mg20-30 mg
101-110 lbs.15-22 mg22-33 mg
111-120 lbs.18-24 mg24-36 mg
121-130 lbs.19-26 mg26-39 mg
131-140 lbs.21-28 mg28-42 mg
141-150 lbs.23-30 mg30-45 mg
150+ lbs.30 mg+45 mg+
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