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The Human-Canine Connection

Human - Canine Connection dog paw in human hand

Explaining the Human-Canine Connection For thousands of years, dogs have been human’s best friends across many cultures. The word “puppy” is thought to have been adapted from the French poupée, or doll. Folk stories were filled with dogs: the Africans…

Preventative Maintenance For Pets – Oxidative Stress

Happy Healthy Dogs in Snow

Preventative Maintenance Series #3: Oxidative Stress The endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in maintaining homeostasis within the body during periods of oxidative stress (Atalay et al., 2019). The endocannabinoid system is regulated by the ingestion of cannabinoids via hemp…

Slow Living

Dog Enjoying Car Cruise Ride

Slow Living 101: What the Slow Living Philosophy is, and isn’t. Recently, the concept of slow living has become more mainstream. As people are realizing that they no longer enjoy the constant fast-paced society we live in, more and more…

Veterinarians, Clients, and Hemp

Happy puppy in arms of loving parent

Veterinarians and Clients Perspective on The Utilization and Efficacy of Hemp Products In the year of 2018, the hemp farm bill was passed that removed hemp from being considered a Schedule 1 drug according to the controlled substance act.1 Hemp…

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