beagle dog itching because of skin allergies

The air is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and Spring has finally sprung upon us. Dogs look forward to longer walks, more time outside in the sunshine, and most importantly, to get all of the sniffs in as flowers begin to bloom. As the seasons change to warmer weather, dogs spend more time outside. At first, they seem so enthralled with all the sniffs and longer walks but then the itching starts. Next you notice that their ears look slightly redder than before then they are scratching at their ears and any other surface area they can reach. You realize, although its spring, it is also allergy season!

Did you know that dogs can suffer from the same allergies that humans do? Allergies in dogs are quite common and usually peak in spring and fall as the seasons change. Urban living environments may be more prone to an allergic response compared to rural living areas. Humans and animals living in the same household with similar exposures can suffer from similar allergies. In springtime, pollen begins to circulate outside in nature and makes its way into home environments. Common allergy symptoms in dogs to look out for are itching, sneezing, and pinkish/ red skin tones. Constant scratching can lead to an internal inflammatory response. Trying to manage the symptoms of seasonal allergens can be a long-term battle as the allergy exposure and triggers can change annually or even seasonally. If you take your furry friend on different trails or walking areas, there could be diversity in their response to allergens depending on the location and nature scenery.

The cannabidiol (CBD) in Hemp My Pet’s organic hemp seed oil may contain possible anti-inflammatory properties that could reduce the body’s inflammatory response to allergens. The endocannabinoid system naturally occurs in the body and may help with inflammation through reducing the body’s natural inflammatory markers. Cannabidiol may have the ability to reduce the inflammatory response that allergens can cause through decreasing the amount of cytokines and lymphocytes that the body can produce in response to a foreign substance. If the inflammatory response decreases, the dog may be less likely to itch themselves and cause further skin irritation. Cannabidiol may also be able to reduce pain that can be associated with an inflammatory response.  The possible analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect combined with the entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD oil can have a significant impact on your dog’s health. With comfort support, the body can heal much faster and get back to the great outdoors!

As a possible preventative maintenance option, organic hemp seed oil infused with full spectrum CBD oil can be given daily to decrease the body’s exposure to differing outdoor pathogens. With a small daily dose of Hemp My Pet, your pet may be less reactive to outdoor allergens. Hemp My Pet offers full spectrum CBD products which increase the entourage effect when fighting allergies.  The entourage effect happens when all the ingredients of the hemp plant combined with full spectrum CBD oil work together synergistically to have a stronger effect on the body compared to how they would work individually. Hemp My Pet’s full spectrum oil combines CBD, CBG, CBC, terpenes, flavonoids, tocopherols, and under 0.3% THC to create a cultivar specific product full of bioactive, human-grade and vegan ingredients that are beneficial for animals. The combined synergistic effect of full spectrum CBD oil can promote a faster healing process compared to CBD isolates or distillates. With less scratching, the skin can heal from seasonal allergies and enjoy time outside again, itch free!

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