AHVMA Journal HempMy Pet Study

The ONLY Pet Label Clinically Studied and THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Over 93% of the dogs in the study ‘demonstrated benefits’, including:

Decreased pain scores!
Improvements in mobility!
Improved quality of life!

The objective of the 90-day clinical trial was to assess the impact of a full-spectrum hemp oil infused with hemp seed oil on dogs with chronic mal-adaptive pain.

Many of the dogs were already taking Gabapentin for pain management. Almost half of them were able to completely discontinue the use of Gabapentin, and most of the others lowered their daily dose of the pharmaceutical and replaced it with the HempMy Pet oil.

All of HempMy Pet products are made with the exact same hemp extract, and the product specifically used in this study was the Hemp Seed Oil 1,000 mg CBD Full Spectrum oil.

  • organic hemp description
  • third-party tested description
  • description
  • veterinarian recommended description
  • cultivar specific description
  • organic ingredients description
  • human-grade description
  • vegan description
  • cruelty free description
Clinically studied hemp-infused hemp seed oil

Cultivar Specific - Because not all hemp is created equal.

While ‘the intent of the study was to determine the role of the hemp oil extract as an adjunct in the management of chronic pain’, the study also notes;

“Due to the variation in concentration from product to product of CBD content and constituents such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, it is essential to publish an analysis of the product being tested in order to describe that specific cultivar”

HempMy Pet grows one specific cultivar (or strain) of hemp for our extract, every time, for all of our products.

Consistency is just as important as quality when it comes to your CBD products.

Improved Quality of Life

“She’s more like a puppy”;

“He is acting like a much younger dog”; and

“I haven’t seen him play like this for a long time.”

Additionally, several of the dog owners reported noticing that their dogs were more attentive, ani¬mated, and mentally engaged after starting the CBD oil.
Overall feedback from 94% of the owners (n = 30) indicated they felt their dogs’ quality of life had improved after starting the CBD product.

As Published in the Journal for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Volume 58, Spring 2020
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