HempMy Pet™ Hemp (CBD) Oil Formula Proven Effective in Treating Dogs’ Osteoarthritic Pain – New Published Clinical Trial Study by Colorado State University (CSU) College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Boulder, CO — HempMy Pet™, a vertically integrated Colorado Hemp company that produces CBD-infused pet products from medicinal hemp they grow and produce, is pleased to announce the publication of a clinical trial study assessing the impact of their hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) product on dogs suffering with chronic pain and decreased functionality due to osteoarthritis. The 90-day study was overseen by Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP of the Downing Center for Animal Pain Management in Windsor Colorado, and Lori Kogan, Ph.D. and Peter W. Hellyer, DVM, MS, DACVAA, both of whom are professors at Colorado State University. The study included 32 dogs that had suffered from chronic arthritic pain for a minimum of 3 months. These dogs’ owners administered HempMy Pet™ full-spectrum CBD oil (1000mg Formula) for 3 months under the care and guidance of Dr. Downing. This study found that the addition of HempMy Pet™ Full-spectrum Hemp (CBD) oil resulted in notable benefits (decreased pain scores, improvements in mobility, and improved quality of life) for 94% of the study dogs. Pain assessments for each dog were conducted every 2 weeks during the 90-day study period. Each dog’s level of pain was scored using a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 representing the worst possible pain. The CBD dose was adjusted as needed in response to each new assessment. The results of the study indicated that 30 of the 32 dogs experienced a reduction in pain with the introduction of HempMy Pet™ CBD oil. In addition to overall pain reduction, another goal of the study was to decrease the use of other pain medications (e.g., gabapentin) without increasing pain levels by introducing CBD. Seventy-two percent of the study dogs were being given gabapentin at the time of enrollment, of which 10 (43.5%) were able to completely discontinue taking gabapentin after the addition of the HempMy Pet™ 1000mg CBD oil without an increase in pain. For the 13 other dogs being given gabapentin, 11 (85%) were able to have their daily gabapentin dose reduced with the addition of the CBD oil. Dr. Downing shared, “As a pet pain expert, I am always on the lookout for effective strategies to relieve chronic pain in my patients. My commitment to evidence-based medicine prompted my participation in this unique pilot study to evaluate hemp-derived CBD oil from Hemp My Pet in dogs with chronic maladaptive pain – – primarily pain from osteoarthritis. I was delighted to observe that the majority of the dogs enrolled in the study demonstrated clear benefit from taking this CBD product. It is important for the data collected during this study to be published in order that other veterinary practitioners can better understand the role that a consistent, quality-assured CBD product can play in their management of their patients’ chronic pain.” Hundreds of pet owners have shared stories on HempMyPet™ website about their dogs’ ability to enjoy a higher quality of life after the introduction of CBD-infused products. Yet, due to CBD’s legal ambiguity, there is limited information about quality control and appropriate dosage. Unfortunately, this understandably causes some pet owners to hesitant when thinking about trying CBD products to improve their pets’ quality of life. Yet, as Marc Brannigan, Co-founder and CEO of HempMy Pet™, explains, “You would not believe the testimonials we have received from our customers over the years. I am thrilled we can now support these testimonials with published clinical research – enabling us to help more animals and further the advancement of herbal and veterinary medicine.” Over the course of the study, dog owners shared their subjective impressions of their dogs’ responses to the CBD oil. Commonly heard themes included observations of increased energy and stamina for daily activities: “She’s more like a puppy”; “I haven’t seen him play like this for a long time”; and “He is acting like a much younger dog.” As Dr. Kogan explains, “I was delighted to join this dynamic research team to run a clinical trial assessing HMP’s CBD for the treatment of pain in dogs. I had heard wonderful things about HMP and felt confident that their high quality, third-party evaluated and tested product would give us the highest chance of a successful clinical trial. The results of this study far exceeded my expectations.” Dr. Hellyer states, “I admit that I had not expected the results of this clinical case series to be so promising. The outcomes from this study suggest that CBD shows great promise as an effective and appropriate treatment for canine patients with chronic osteoarthritis pain.” Overall, this study provides a solid foundation for future research into the beneficial use of CBD products, delivered in therapeutically relevant doses, to help control chronic pain in dogs with osteoarthritis-related pain as well as providing an alternative to other pain management drugs such as gabapentin. The complete study can be viewed here. About HempMy Pet™ Founded in 2016, HM Health, LLC is the parent company of HempMy Pet™. HempMy Pet™ offers Hemp (CBD)-infused products for dogs, cats and horses and all products are made with their own, in-house strain-specific, full-spectrum hemp extract. HempMy Pet™ is proud to be the only CBD pet label clinically studied by independent veterinarians. With greenhouses and facilities located in Loveland, Colorado, HM Health owns and manages their organic hemp operation, extracting the full spectrum oil from their plants and infusing it into their line of CBD-infused, human-grade pet products that they formulate and produce themselves. “Being vertically integrated is very important to us because we have complete control over the quality and integrity of our products from beginning to end, which enables us to offer safe, effective and consistent options for people who are looking for alternative solutions for their pet’s well-being” says Natalie Mondine, Co-Founder, COO and Head Formulator. “When you’re making products that are being used as alternative medicine, you cannot risk subpar ingredients from questionable sources, that is a responsibility as a medicine-maker that I take very seriously. This is why, when we were asked to participate in this study, we knew our products and company ethics would fit the needs of this clinical trial study perfectly. We are very excited about these results and the long-term benefits they will have on the advancement of Hemp and Veterinary medicine, we are proud to be a part of the bigger picture that will ultimately help MANY people and their beloved pets.”
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