Hemp Infused Olive Oil 5000 mg CBD for Horses (and Large Dogs)


Organic Virgin Olive Oil Infused with our Proprietary Full-Spectrum Cherry Abacus Hemp Extract, Rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, Terpenes, and other Cannabinoids for the full entourage effect. 5,000mg in a 4 oz. bottle.

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The HempMy Pet 5,000 mg CBD for horses was designed for our beloved equine companions using only the best organic olive oil as the carrier in a 4 oz. bottle with convenient pump top. (Using the same hemp extract as in all our products, our proprietary Cherry Abacus CBD Hemp Oil, it is also quite popular with households that have large or multiple dogs.)

The full-spectrum (CBD, CBG, CBC, etc) formula offers terrific support for your horse’s emotional and physical well-being. Use as a supplement for behavioral support and in times of stress, or just when some emotional care is needed to help connect with and help calm your new rescue.

Everything is organic and human grade.

  • 4 oz bottle with Treatment Pump top – dispenses .5 cc per pump
  • Each pump contains approx. 20mg of CBD plus other cannabinoids
  • Hemp Extract derived from our own in-house Hemp strain, testing at a 30 to 1 ratio and is Grown Organically
  • Veterinarian Recommended

For rescues or those with more than one horse interested in bulk purchasing, please contact us at sales@hempmypet.com.

*Please note that in compliance with California Feed & Livestock Drug Laws and Regulations this product is not available for sale or shipment to California.


Only TWO Ingredients!

  1. Certified Organic (Virgin, Cold-pressed) Olive Oil infused with…
  2. *Hemp Extract. (*Full-spectrum Hemp Extract derived from our In-house, Proprietary Cherry Abacus CBD Hemp Oil Organically grown Colorado Hemp.)

Suggested Use


Each pump contains is 0.55cc and contains approximately 20mg of Hemp Extract (CBD, CBG, CBD.. and other Cannabinoids)

Serving Size: 40mg per day for average size horse (approximaely 1,000 – 1,200 lbs).

For Horses 800 – 1,00 lbs: 1 pump (approximately 20 mg)
For Horses 1,000 – 1,200 lbs: 2 pumps (approximately 40 mg)
For Horses 1,200 – 1,400 lbs: 3 pumps (approximately 60 mg)

Please consult your veterinarian if exceeding suggested use or if your pet shows signs of adverse reaction. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

Click to view, print or download the Hemp Infused Olive Oil 5000 mg Certificate of Analysis ›

78 reviews

  1. Jon Wood (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This helps all of my horses. Deliver is always prompt.

  3. Allene G. (verified owner)

  4. Nikki (verified owner)

    I have a pony that is extremely anxious and difficult to ride. I’ve been using this product for two weeks and now we are trail riding around my town and into the woods. Incredible. I also have a mare with laminitis. I have been giving it to her as well and it’s helping!

  5. William Smayda (verified owner)

    Outstanding CBD oil from an Outstanding company!

  6. Nicole Shamrock-Thomas (verified owner)

    We have been using this for 5 years now. It reall has helped our oldest thru surgery & now just easing his way towards the end of his journey.

  7. William Smayda (verified owner)

    Awesome product and Outstanding Customer Service!

  8. Mark D. (verified owner)

    This product is very beneficial to my aging dogs health and vitality. Thank you.

  9. Doy Ogden (verified owner)

  10. Mark Daley (verified owner)

    The use of this product has helped our aging dog immensely.

  11. Nicole Shamrock-Thomas (verified owner)

  12. Janet Curtis (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, the reason for this purpose was for my dog who had cancer. She didn’t live long enough to try it.
    So I am giving it to the other dog who appears to be doing better with her anxiety. 🤔

  13. Robert Dietz (verified owner)

    Helps my elderly arthritic dog walk and life a happy life.

  14. Timothy M. (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my 2 old bluetick coonhounds that had arthritis and other issues. It has changed their lives dramatically for the better. Great stuff

  15. Kathy Walker-Graves (verified owner)

    Thank You!

  16. P (verified owner)

  17. Nicole Shamrock-Thomas (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps my horses with their arthritis

  19. Mark L Daley (verified owner)

    Our dog has been more active since taking this supplement (CBD oil).
    Your orders have been delivered promptly.
    Thank you all

  20. Chris Hein (verified owner)

    This product is why my tripawd is a happy healthy girl!

  21. Mario James (verified owner)

    This product is hands down the best CBD product that has ever graced our organization. We will absolutely be consistent customers for our wolfdogs!

  22. Jason Perkins (verified owner)

    Delivered in 2 days! Our 10 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever acts like a 5 year old with just a few drops in his dinner.

  23. Sherrie (verified owner)

    This product helps keep my 12 year old Aussie from having seizures. The response time from order to delivery is very quick and customer service has been very helpful. Recommend this to everyone I know with a dog that has seizures. My vet recommended it as she uses it in her studies.

  24. Chris HEIN (verified owner)

    This cbd is a life saver for my tripawd dog. Very fast shipping! Thank you!

  25. Nicholas P. (store manager)

    We have two large dogs and all of us share the equine formula. Great cost savings and convenience with the 4 oz. bottle.

  26. Robert Dietz (verified owner)

    16+ years of joy! HMP has kept our old pup walking and enjoying life. The tramadol and gabapentin made him stoned and gave him bladder control issues. HMP CBD got him normal but without pain.

  27. Jennie (verified owner)

    Helps my older horse with stifle pain

  28. Mark L. Daley (verified owner)

  29. Marilyn Pasino (verified owner)

    Fastest delivery EVER!!

  30. Donna Z. (verified owner)

    These are reliably high quality products and the customer service is absolutely unparalleled. I would never hesitate to recommend HempMyPet to anyone.

  31. James Sichko (verified owner)

    The order has still yet to arrive …

    • Support Admin (store manager)

      James – In normal times we’d say something was wrong but this appears to just be a logistics delay with the USPS. We apologize for the delay. We shipped the very next day and checking on your order we see it is STILL in transit and for some reason went all the way to Seattle, WA and the USPS processing center there before headed your way. The USPS has been under a lot of stress related to Covid and odd transit routes like yours have become more common. We’re really sorry about that and wish we had an explanation. If you didn’t receive the tracking information please let support@hempmypet.com know and they can get you the appropriate links. Again, our apologies for it taking so long.

  32. Darlene H. (verified owner)

    Service is great, delivery was fast, and I feel very confident with all the Hemp products out there, that this is the best!

  33. Chris HEIN (verified owner)

    So happy with this cbd for my 🐕. Fastest shipping

  34. Janice K. (verified owner)

    Arrived four days early, just in time for rescue.

  35. William S. (verified owner)

    An awesome product with lightning fast shipping!

  36. Donna Z. (verified owner)

    We use this for our senior Great Danes to help improve their comfort and mobility. It’s easy to get them to take and works great!

  37. Heather (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. What a difference it makes

  38. Robert D. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great product!

  39. Mark L. Daley (verified owner)

  40. Julie (verified owner)

    This is a high-quality, effective product that I have used for over a year for my arthritic pup. This size is the best bang for your buck, and the discounts available make it reasonably priced in comparison to similar products. I recommend HempMy Pet to everyone who asks!

  41. Chris HEIN (verified owner)

    Best product and awesome fast delivery! 🥰

  42. Joan (verified owner)

  43. Nicole Shamrock-Thomas (verified owner)

  44. Diane T. (verified owner)

    works well thanks for the help

  45. Robert D. (verified owner)

    A great product that is keeping our 16 year old mini Aussie happy and walking.

  46. Maark L. Daley (verified owner)

  47. Cheri W. (verified owner)

    Really helps our horses in rehab! We will continue to use it to help horses that come to our facility.

  48. Diane T. (verified owner)

    Wonderful service peeps and wonderful product.

  49. William Smayda (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and fast shipping!

  50. Arne (verified owner)

  51. Kim S. (verified owner)

    Cooper has been on this product for 2 years 10 year old Lab with Arthritis, the product has given him a new way of life. thank you!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure the product was working or not. After a lapse of about two weeks, I noticed a significant degradation in her abilities. After resuming treatment, Sadie is now, again more mobile, agile, happier & back to her inquisitive ways.

  53. Mary Lind (verified owner)

    Love this product, has really helped our old pony with arthritis. Also, customer service is fantastic. Whenever I send them a question they get back to me immediately. Thank-you!

  54. Mark L. Daley (verified owner)

  55. Robert Dietz (verified owner)

    We’ve been giving our old dog HempMy Pet CBD for 2 years. It makes it possible for him to go for walks and enjoy life and doesn’t make him lethargic and sleepy like some other pain meds. The staff at HempMy Pets are great and very responsive to questions.

  56. Nancy H. (verified owner)

    The only thing I would change is for a dropper to be used instead of a spray on this product.

    • Support Admin (store manager)

      Thanks, Nancy. Yes, we are already looking at making stopper/syringe tops available as an option as well. Coming soon…

  57. John D. Blue (verified owner)


  58. Patricia Hood (verified owner)

    This has improved my aged gelding’s comfort and movement.

  59. Jennie E. (verified owner)

    works wonder

  60. Sherrie Mayotte (verified owner)

    I placed my order directly with Nicholas (someone that gave me his cell number last time I ordered). He had some difficulty getting the form to work on his PC but finished the transaction. He said it would ship out that day (Friday) and I most likely would have by the end of the next day.
    I waited and when I reached out the following Thursday the receptionist said he’d transfer the message. Finally got an email that my order had shipped. I received it late on Friday one week later. I understand how things get messed up or forgotten but when dealing with life and death situations like epilepsy, obtaining the medicine required to sustain a pet should be more of a priority. Luckily I had enough to get me through but only just barely.
    That being said… I am grateful for this product and will continue to purchase it. Although I need to do so earlier than in the past. And online. Thank you.

    • Support Admin (store manager)

      Thank you for the feedback and our apologies for your order taking so long with shipping. We hate hearing we let you and your pet down. Helping pets is always a priority and we do get most orders out within one day, same-day in many cases. Weekends, holidays, and even the weather this time of year can sometimes slow things down. We do our best to post notifications when we know there may be an issue. If helpful, we do offer an Autoship program that can ship at any frequency chosen. Thanks again for letting us know. We do appreciate it.

  61. Robert Dietz (verified owner)

    Keeping my old dog happy and moving

  62. Mark L Daley (verified owner)

    Our dogs have been using this product for a few years now with wonderful results. Want to say thank you.

  63. Cheri (verified owner)

    Love the product and how it is helping our horses!

  64. William S. (verified owner)

    An AMAZING product from an AWESOME company!

  65. David S. (verified owner)

    Been using it for about 6 weeks. It really helps with the diabetic neuropathy in my feet.

    • Support Admin (store manager)

      David S. – Okay, that got our attention. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Would you be willing to say more? Obviously, we cannot and do not make any claims about our products being used for any manner in any way related to any disease or condition. We’re sure you understand. If you’d like to tell us more we’d love to hear from you at support@hempmypet.com. We can schedule a call if preferred. Thanks again!

  66. Robert Dietz (verified owner)

    It keeps my 15 year old Aussie happy and walking.

  67. Mark L. Daley (verified owner)

    The use of this product has definitely increased our dogs quality of life.
    I thank you.

  68. Kim S. (verified owner)

    Cooper, a 9 year old Black Lab has been on this product since October 2018. We went through the initial Study and he is acting like a puppy. He has some arthritis issues and your product has really helped him. We all thank you!

  69. David S. (verified owner)

    This product reduced my diabetic foot neuropathy from day one! Just one simple squirt a day and I no longer need to apply topical analgesics and creams to my feet at bedtime. My wife also uses it to reduce her anxiety and is much less uptight. It’s not just for pets!!

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the product , helps arthritic sr dog and younger horse with bone spur

  71. Dionne (verified owner)

    My 29 yr old mare has been on this product for six months now, and it has definitely helped her arthritis. My farrier has noticed the difference as well.

  72. Jill (verified owner)

    This product totally relieves my mare’s anxiety. It has made a notable difference in her. I have tried other brands and they are not as effective. This is an excellent product.

  73. CHRIS HEIN (verified owner)

    I have a tripawd dog and this cbd has been the only thing we use for her. It helps with pain management and anxiety. This product is amazing! The company is also amazing. It ships fast and any time I need any help ordering they are there immediately to help. Would recommend them and I do.

  74. Julia

    We use the CBD Hemp Extract – 5000mg on our dog and just one pump does the trick. She is going on 13 now, with arthritis bad in her hips. She has been on joint/pain medication, but it does not show the affects like the CBD oil does! Since she has been taking the CBD, she gets up on her own, goes outside, and runs around with the other dogs. Prior, she struggled to even get up. I highly recommend this all natural and efficent product!

  75. Heather (verified owner)

    We gave one of our rescues this product and we noticed a difference after only a short time using the product. We are so happy with the results and are hopeful to put more horses on the oil in the future. It is a great feeling to see him move better and hopefully he will keep improving.

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Cruelty Free Dog Products

No animals are harmed in the manufacturing of our products. 

In the animal rights movement, cruelty–free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. Products tested on animals are not considered cruelty–free, since these tests are often painful and cause the suffering and death of millions of animals every year.

Vegan Dog Products

No animal products or by-products used in any of our oils.

The only non-vegan product we have are the Pumpkin Hemp Dog Biscuits which do contain egg. (The Peanut Butter Banana Hemp Dog Biscuits do not and are also vegan.)


Getting vegetarianism confused with veganism is a common mistake most people make. So today we are going to closely examine the definition of vegan versus the definition of a vegetarian in this post. Hopefully, this provides a little clarity.


The Oxford dictionary definition of a vegetarian is “a person who does not eat meat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or in some cases, any food derived from animals, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain etc.”

This basically divides vegetarians into two groups; vegetarians who exclude eggs and dairy and vegetarians who include these items in their diets. The latter can then be broken up into a further three groups; ovo- vegetarians (who consume eggs but not milk), lacto-vegetarians (who consume milk but not eggs) and ovo-lacto vegetarians who consume both milk and eggs.

There’s often controversy surrounding “semi-vegetarians”, whose diet consists mainly of vegetarian foods but includes fish or poultry. The main differentiating factor between all of the above-mentioned groups is how much animal products are included in the diet.


The above difference is the main distinguishing factor between the definition of vegan and that of a vegetarian because vegans exclude animal products in their entirety. The official definition of veganism is “the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in a diet. As well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals.

A follower of veganism is known as a vegan”. That means veganism extends beyond the diet of a vegan individual. That is the biggest difference between vegans and vegetarians. While vegetarians may not consume animal products, they may use them if they are present in other products, such as items containing silk, honey or leather.

Vegans, on the other hand, avoid the use of animal products in all areas of their lifestyles.

Human Grade Dog Products

All ingredients and manufacturing processes are Human-Grade. We would never make anything for our pets considered not suitable for ourselves. The term human-grade in pet food means the finished product is legally suitable and approved as nourishment for humans. It is “edible.” Human foods are much more rigorously regulated than foods made for animals.

Organic Dog Products

All of our products are made with top quality, Certified Organic carrier oils and Organically-grown ingredients, all sourced responsibly and sustainably. Our products are infused with our own Full-spectrum Hemp extract which is derived from our own Organically-grown Colorado Hemp that was grown at our own facilities.

Cultivar Specific Hemp Oil Dog Products

For consistency. HempMy Pet grows one particular cultivar of hemp, selected specifically for its cannabinoid profile, and uses it every time for our hemp extract, maintaining consistency and eliminating unknowing trial and error.

Cannabis strains including Hemp and Marijuana are either pure or hybrid of the plant genus Cannabis, which encompasses the species Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Varieties are developed to intensify specific characteristics of the plant, or to differentiate the strain for the purposes of marketing or to make it more effective as a natural supplement. Variety names are typically chosen by their growers, and often reflect properties of the plant such as taste, color, smell, or the origin of the variety. These varieties have been cultivated to contain a high percentage of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC and more. Several varieties of Cannabis, known as Hemp, have a very low THC content, and are instead grown for their fiber, seed and therapeutic propertiess

Third Party Tested Hemp Oil for Dogs

From Seed-to-Sale all HempMy Pet products are tested by reputable independent laboratories for purity, safety, and quality. The soil, the water, the plants and the finished product are all rigorously tested to ensure no solvents, pesticides, heavy metals or micro-bacterial contanimants are present. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are published online with each product and always available upon request.

Organic Hemp Dog Products

All of our Hemp is organically grown in Colorado at our own greenhouse or farm. We do not import our hemp from overseas or any other state. We strive for perfection in our growing, curing, processing and formulating of our Hemp products.

Veterinarian Recommended Hemp Oil Dog Products

Clinically studied by independent veterinarians and sold in veterinarian clinics nationwide.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs

All the Cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, CBC..plus the terpenes and other minor cannabinoids made from the Whole Plant for the complete entourage effect.

CBD has become quite popular over the last couple of years but despite what you might think it is only one of the 100 compounds that have been identified in the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Full-spectrum CBD oil, unlike CBD isolate products, includes a wide range of cannabinoids present in the cannabis or hemp plant. Depending on the condition and what you are looking to achieve it can provide a greater effect than CBD alone as all the cannabinoids work together in what is known as the entourage effect.

Full-spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber. When referring to CBD in the hemp plant, it’s important to understand that Hemp contains a large number of cannabinoids (in trace amounts), but the main compounds are CBD and cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). As CBDa is more abundant in the hemp plant, firms must decarboxylate the oil. This process heats the oil and changes CBDa into CBD.

Just one last thing before we explain the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD oil, its important to understand that CBD from Cannabis is only legal in Medical or recreational states, while CBD hemp oil is legal in all 50 states under the 2014 US Farm Bill. While it may not be able to treat all conditions it has been known to assist with a variety of medical conditions including anxiety, depression and acute pain.

The Benefits of the Whole Plant

One of the most important studies relating to full-spectrum CBD oil took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Hadassah School in 2015. It compared the performance of a full spectrum extract with one that contained CBD only. The study concluded that full spectrum was more effective when fighting pain and inflammation.

While CBD only is somewhat effective, the whole plant extract not only provided faster and better relief, the effects also lasted longer. This is why an increasing number of companies in the CBD industry are selling full-spectrum CBD oil as a rule.

The aforementioned entourage effect is the main reason behind the efficacy of whole plant extracts. There are over 100 ‘identified’ compounds in the cannabis plant. While most of these compounds have their own therapeutic benefit, they come together in a synergistic way to provide far better performance than any single compound, including CBD.