CBD Oil Equine Study Week 4 | Case Study Using CBD Oil for Horses

Week of March 20th, 2019

Cole’s Lyme titer came back with the following results:

OspA – 2610



OspC – 53



OspF – 239


Since beginning the CBD oil, while his OspC and Osp F levels have slightly decreased, his OspA levels have significantly increased. The vet said that she believes his OspA numbers are now the new normal.  He has been vaccinated for Lyme due and will now test positive in the future.  It is here that our study ends.

So, what are my thoughts on THC-free CBD oil for post-Lyme disease support?  While, in this specific case, there is no evidence that the oil directly treats the disease itself, I do feel that it helped address the leftover symptoms/changes that Cole has experienced.  Namely, the anxiousness and hypersensitivity were “soothed” without dulling his personality or awareness of his surroundings.  I would also say that it helped ease some discomfort in his joints, but the effect was limited due to his fused/arthritic hock.  Cole is much calmer on cross ties and when presented with new/disturbing situations.  Before the joint injectable, the CBD oil helped ease some of his overall discomfort. 

In short, this is the closest Cole has been to being the horse I knew prior to his Lyme infection.  If you are looking for overall post-Lyme symptom support, it is definitely worth giving HempMy Pet™ CBD oil a try!    


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